Assault Bike Vs Rower: Which Is Better?

Assault Bike Vs Rower: Which Is Better?

When it comes to high-intensity cardio machines, there are two main contenders: the assault bike and the rower. Both of these machines offer a challenging workout, but which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will compare the two machines and help you decide which one is best for your needs. So, read on to learn more about the assault bike vs rower!

Assault Bike Vs Rower

What Is An Assault Bike?

 The Assault bike is a classic full-body workout machine that has been used by many sports teams of all levels for decades. The Assault bike was first developed and tested in the late seventies, for use by the United States Marine Corp as a cross-training tool, but it wasn’t until much later that people outside the military started using and enjoying this amazing piece of equipment. So what exactly is an assault bike? Although there are different models available through various manufacturers, usually you’ll find that they all basically function the same way. The actual term “assault” comes from its ability to simulate an activity or obstacle often encountered on a battlefield such as moving over rough terrain while carrying heavy gear, or as its name implies – Assault!

Moreover, the assault bike is one of the best tools for burning fat and increasing cardiovascular health. The design is compact enough to be used in small spaces (yes, that includes your apartment if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room). 

What Is Assault Bike Typically Used For?

 The Assault bike can be used as a stand-alone fat-burning workout, a cross-training tool for athletes, a fitness obstacle course, and much more. The possibilities are endless – indoor cycling classes, boot camp style workouts, strengthening the cardiovascular system and increased endurance have never been easier! As I mentioned before, its compact size makes it suitable for both home use and to take with you wherever your training takes you.

What Exactly Is A Rower?

 A rower is another great piece of equipment that allows you to perform the same types of workouts as an assault bike, but with some added features. The reason for this is that instead of having handlebars like the Assault bike (which will be explained in more detail below), there are actual oars attached to a single central point. These oars can be pulled back just like real rowing on water would work, which gives you extra resistance while working out – something that the Assault bike simply cannot replicate.

The rower has made its place in gyms all across America and Canada as one of the best ways to get your cardio fitness up while still gaining some strength too! It was originally developed by Concept2 who is one of the world’s biggest producers of exercise machines.

Despite its widespread use, there are still parts of the country that don’t know how much this machine can help them elevate their fitness level. The best part about it is that you can use it at home to burn fat and lose weight without having to worry about joining a gym.

What Is The Rower Typically Used For?

The rower is a great piece of equipment that can be used to strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance levels and build lean muscle, while also helping you lose weight in the process. Rowers have been shown to burn calories at a faster rate than many other pieces of fitness equipment such as treadmills or exercise bikes – making it a much more efficient way of burning fat.

Because rowers put your body in motion just like the Assault bike does, they are also suitable for cross-training purposes. Rowing can benefit athletes greatly because it helps them gain upper and lower body strength without having to hit the weights. The physical benefits alone make this a must for people who really want to push their bodies beyond their limits!

The Comparison Between The Assault Bike And The Rower

Air Bike Vs Rower: What Are Their Key Similarities?

Both the air assault and rower machines measure your heart rate, allowing you to track how hard you’re working while getting in shape. They also both focus on one’s aerobic fitness levels which is basically their ability to take in and use oxygen.

In addition, both pieces of equipment give you a total body workout which is great if you’re looking to tone your muscles. Another similarity is that they are both used for cross-training purposes, allowing athletes to get an upper body strength workout just by using their legs – something that isn’t easy on other types of machines. 

Air Bike Vs Rower: What Are Their Key Differences?

Once it refers to rowing and bicycling, most people believe they are poles apart when it comes to similarities. You might be shocked to hear, though, that they are considerably more comparable than you might expect.

Muscles Employed

Assault Bikes: As previously stated, the group of muscles used in Rogue Echo, Assault Bike, AirDyne, as well as rower are all quite similar, with one notable exception: the utilisation of the upper body. The motion of the handlebars on an air cycle, on the other hand, eliminates this difficulty, allowing you to get a wonderful full-body exercise.

Assault bikes, namely the AirDyne, Assault Bike, and Rogue Echo, work your legs significantly more, especially your quadriceps and quadriceps; this one is important to consider if you’re wanting to enhance your thighs or recuperating from an injury.

Rower: In a rower, having a strong back muscle and core is essential for obtaining an outstanding technical stroke while also helping to avoid injury. Obviously, rowing places a greater focus on the upper body, but with the introduction of the assault bike, folks who enjoy riding may now get a workout that is similar to that of a rowing machine.


Assault Bikes: The biggest benefit to the Assault Bike is that they are quick – it only takes anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes for most people to achieve their complete workout.

Rower: The primary advantage you will find with a rower machine is that it’s simple to use and provides great results with less effort. It can be used at home or in the gym, plus they are excellent if you’re recovering from an injury because there isn’t any weight-bearing down on your legs.


Assault Bikes: Assault bikes can generally be placed in a corner of your home or office, either upright or on the floor. This is not true for rowers which take up significantly more space than an assault bike. When it comes to price, however, rowing machines are generally much less expensive than assault bikes.

Rower: Rowing has no major setup requirement and can be used immediately upon purchase while most assault bikes require some sort of assembly process before use. Air Dyne Assault Bikes are also designed with transportation wheels at both ends – making them very easy to move around. This may be important if you’re looking for something that you’ll keep in one spot but will still need to easily transport elsewhere from time to time!


Assault Bikes: Assault bikes tend to be one of the most affordable types of exercise equipment available. These simple, effective machines typically cost less than $1,000 to purchase which is significantly much cheaper than many other pieces of equipment.

Rower: Rowing machines tend to be among the least expensive types of fitness machines for your home gym. The majority are priced between $300-700 which is great if you’re on a tight budget or looking for something that won’t break the bank. If you need an indoor piece of workout equipment in your own house, buying a rowing machine might just be perfect for you!

Function & Performance

Assault Bikes: In terms of assault bikes, Air Dyne and Assault Bike, you will find that they both give you a cardiovascular workout which helps improve your blood circulation. This is one of the best ways to burn fat and get in better shape quickly. If your goal is to lose weight, assault bikes are an ideal choice for building up your stamina levels and decreasing body fat percentage at the same time.

Rower: The rowing machine may be used more for training specific sports or activities such as surfing or kayaking – but there aren’t many sports where getting stronger legs isn’t helpful! It’s also great for toning abs and improving lung capacity which makes it great for cardio workouts. 

Physical Limitations 

Assault Bikes: If you have a previous back injury or suffer from any other sort of serious physical condition, rowing may not be the best choice of workout considering that it puts a great deal of pressure on your lower body. Assault bikes can help to minimize this risk as they place less stress on the back and joints which is perfect for those who want to build strength and endurance at the same time!

Rower: Rowing machines are an excellent solution if you’re looking for equipment to use when rehabbing from an injury. This machine focuses more on the upper body and arms which allows you to improve your upper body without putting too much pressure on your lower body; making it easier to focus on specific muscles such as your, shoulders, and biceps.

Burned Calories

Assault Bikes: Unfortunately, there’s no way to say exactly how many calories you burn with either the Air Dyne or Assault Bike. This is because of a number of different factors including your height, weight, gender, and metabolism levels. Generally speaking though, most people tend to lose about 300-500kcal every half hour of exercise time which is comparable to that of a rowing machine. If your goal is to lose weight and get in better shape quickly – an assault bike might just be the solution for you!

Rower: The more traditional rowing machines such as Concept2 do require some sort of calculation which has been worked out on the basis of your age, body weight, cardiovascular efficiency, etc. In terms of calories burned from using the equipment, rowing is one of the most effective and efficient methods of burning fat and getting in shape.

Required Skill Level

Assault Bikes: Assault bikes are some of the easiest pieces of workout equipment to use. This is because they require very little physical ability or knowledge and can be used by almost anyone regardless of their skill level!

Rower: Rowing machines tend to be slightly more difficult than assault bikes to get the hang of although this varies depending on how high-tech your machine is. Generally speaking, this equipment will take some time to figure out but once you’ve got the basics down, it’s easy for just about everyone to get started. If you’re looking for exercise equipment that requires minimal training, this may not be the best choice of fitness gear.

The Body’s Demands

Assault Bikes: Assault bikes are great for improving your cardiovascular fitness, endurance, stamina, and strength. This equipment is one of the best ways to burn calories fast which makes it ideal if you’re looking to slim down!

Rower: Rowing machines are excellent because they provide you with a total-body workout. Since they work almost all of your major muscle groups at once – this machine will improve both your strength and endurance! It’s also one of the best pieces of exercise equipment for burning lots of calories in less time making them perfect for getting fit quickly.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Assault Bikes: Assault bikes are often relatively cheap pieces of workout gear which means that most people won’t have any problem buying one. If you’re looking for a piece of exercise equipment that’s easy to store, this is definitely the best option!

Rower: Rowers are usually more expensive than assault bikes but they can provide you with greater results depending on your fitness goals. The great thing about these machines is that they require very little space which makes them perfectly compact if you live in an apartment or condo! If budget isn’t something to worry about – this might be the perfect choice for you!

Joint Effects

Assault Bikes: Assault bikes are low-impact but also impact your joints because you’re still forced to move them constantly. If you have bad knees or trouble with your hips, this might not be the best choice.

Rower: Rowing machines are excellent for people who want a strength workout without putting too much strain on their joints. This is because the less physical effort is involved when using these machines – even though they provide more resistance! Again, this will vary depending on how much weight you set the machine to so if in doubt, ask a trainer to help you out!

Intensity Of Cardiovascular Exercise

Assault Bikes: Because of the nature of this equipment, you’ll usually need to work out for a longer period of time to achieve the same intensity as machines like rowers. If you’re looking for an intense workout and hate anything that’s boring – this might not be the right choice.

Rower: Rowing machines are perfect if you want a quick and intense workout because they can provide you with results very quickly! In fact, some people even forget how long they’ve been working out on these machines because they fly by so fast! This also depends on your fitness goals but in general, rowing is one of the most intensive exercises there is which means it’ll burn more calories than bikes.

Fat Loss

Assault Bikes: Bikes can still help you lose weight but ultimately, they’re not ideal for losing body fat and toning your body. If you want to get a lean and strong look – rowing or another type of aerobic equipment will be better suited to reaching these goals!

Rower: Rowing machines are excellent if you’re looking to burn calories quickly while also burning away excess fats in the process. Although it’s not necessarily designed for weight loss – rowing can definitely help if combined with a good diet plan and plenty of exercises! Again, this depends on how much effort you put into each workout so always try your best!

Gaining Muscle

Assault Bikes: Bikes are designed to tone your body without putting too much strain on your joints – which is perfect for beginners. However, this also means that it’s not the best choice if you’re looking to build lean muscle mass!

Rower: Rowing machines are quite similar in terms of their results when it comes to gaining muscle because they only provide light resistance. If you hate lifting weights and want something minimalistic though, rowing can definitely help you tone your muscles at a high-intensity level without causing too much stress. Again, this depends on how hard you work during each session so make sure you always try your best!

Weight Loss Potential

Assault Bikes: Any sort of cardio equipment will help you burn calories at a faster rate so overall, assault bikes are still great for weight loss. These machines also help improve your cardio and endurance which is why they’re great for getting into shape quickly!

Rower: Rowing equipment will naturally increase your heart rate and burn calories at a faster rate so overall, rowing machines are still better than assault bikes when it comes to losing weight! To get the most effective results though – you’ll need to row as hard as you can during each workout session to maximize fat-burning potential.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Assault Bikes?

Assault bikes have several benefits.

The first advantage is that they are great for weight loss. It is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that will burn fat fast.

Assault bikes are also low impact, unlike running on the treadmill or outside. This means you can do this type of exercise even if your joints hurt from running in the past!

The recumbent style position you must assume to use this equipment minimizes stress on the back, shoulders, and neck while increasing comfort levels – making it one of the safest options around too! Due to how easy it is to monitor your heart rate, performance data, and calories burned via built-in pulse monitors – many people favor this type of machine because it makes working out more fun!

Moreover, in terms of infinite resistance – this type of equipment really can’t be beaten! If you’re looking for something where you can set the level of difficulty yourself – instead of relying on preset programs – then an assault bike is definitely perfect because it allows you to make each workout as easy or difficult as possible.

What Are Some Of The Drawbacks Of Assault Bikes?

Assault bikes have a few drawbacks.

The first disadvantage is that they can cost more than regular exercise machines because this is a specialized type of equipment designed for high-intensity workouts. Furthermore, you will need to pay extra money in order to get a quality bike with all the bells and whistles!

Another drawback is that assault bikes do not provide infinite resistance like rowing machines – which means you will always be stuck with the level of difficulty chosen during your initial purchase. In other words, it may prove difficult – or even impossible – to increase the intensity of these devices over time without spending loads of money on upgrades! 

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Rowers?

Similarly, rowing machines have many benefits.

This type of equipment is great for weight loss as well because it provides a total body workout – burning fat from all areas! In order to lose those excess fats though, you will still need to maintain a low-calorie diet and exercise regularly.

Rowing machines are also good for people with joints that hurt because they provide very minimal stress on the body during use – making this a perfect alternative to regular cardio exercises like running or jogging!

Rowers provide both upper and lower body workouts meaning that it doesn’t matter if you’re specifically trying to strengthen your core or build muscle in your legs – rowing can help you meet these goals! Furthermore, resistance-level customization options make working out fun as you can adjust the difficulty as needed.

What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Rowers?

Similarly, rowers have a few drawbacks.

The first disadvantage is difficult techniques. In order to reap the full benefits of this type of exercise, you must learn how to grow properly. If you do not use proper form or technique then your muscles will not get a complete workout and your performance data may be skewed.

Another drawback is that these types of equipment are more expensive than regular exercise machines because they provide higher levels of resistance and comfort – making them perfect for intense workouts. Furthermore, like assault bikes, rowing machines do not always come with all the bells and whistles so you will need to pay extra money in order to get features such as built-in pulse monitors!


How Do The Air Bike Work?

So how does an Assault bike work exactly? The design consists of two “paddles” that are ergonomically designed to fit the natural contours of your legs. There is a resistance dial on the side that allows you to adjust the level of intensity based on your own fitness levels. A typical workout program would have you start at low tension and gradually increase it as your endurance increases. As you pedal, there are handles located on either side of the assault bike so you can use them for balance if needed, although this is usually something you’ll want to avoid unless there are specific reasons why not to have both hands in front during the exercise (i.e.: injuries).

It’s also important to note that unlike some cardio machines such as the treadmill, an assault bike is a lot more low impact, and you won’t feel nearly as much pressure on your joints and back. This makes it one of the ideal choices for those who are rehabilitating from injuries or surgeries and need to take things slow with their recovery (i.e.: muscle tears, knee replacements).

How Do The Rowers Work?

A rower is one of the few pieces of fitness equipment that gives you a total body workout. The basic version has two handles and two footrests attached to a single point with a belt on it, but there are other variations such as the C2 Model D which has an actual seat instead of just rests for your feet (which can be used by those who don’t like having their feet locked into place)

The rowing machine brings back memories of exercising on the local pond and uses real-life physics to provide resistance. So instead of having to rely on electricity or batteries like some more modern versions, this product actually works in harmony with your own energy rather than trying to replace it! There’s no need for anything much more complicated than a few footpads and a simple handle here. 

Is It Worth It To Be A Rower?

The answer is yes, rowing can definitely be beneficial! This type of equipment provides great cardiovascular benefits and burns calories while giving your heart and lungs an intense workout. Furthermore, its recumbent design makes it good for people with joint pain because this equipment puts the least amount of stress on the joints as possible!

Like air bikes, these machines are also set up so that you can adjust intensity levels by increasing or decreasing resistance – making each workout fun and challenging.

So, Which is Better, An Assault Bike Or A Rower?

Assault Bikes tend to be less expensive, take up less space in your home or office, and are safe for individuals who have serious physical limitations. They are perfect if you want a complete full-body workout with great cardio benefits! However, rowing machines may be slightly more effective at building lean muscles in the upper body while also being able to help you recover from an injury or previous condition since it does not put too much strain on the lower half of your body. They are perfect for beginners as well!


In summary, the Assault Bike Vs Rower debate has been around for years. People have strong opinions on which is better and there are scientific studies that seem to favor one or the other. Here, we break down the pros and cons of each machine so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your workout routine. So, we hope that at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you.

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