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Ted Smith

Attorney, Age 53

Fitness U is convenient to my downtown office and has well-appointed exercise facilities and clean locker rooms. Both the full-time staff and the part-time exercise instructors are knowledgeable, courteous, professional, energetic, and fun. I share professional, personal, and recreational interests with many other members as well as with staff, so I approach every workout looking forward to spending time with my friends at Fitness U!

George Ehgartner

Verizon Business - Group Service Manager, Age 46

Fitness U is a great way to spend a work break or lunch hour. It gives you the opportunity to get a good amount of exercise and to relieve that troublesome work stress that we all have! Whether your niche is a cardio workout, a super spinning class or free weight training, Fitness U has all the tools necessary to develop a healthy body and sound mind. I have found that I can spend as little as 30 minutes doing cardio everyday and feel completely relaxed and exhilarated. Not only do I burn lots of calories, I also have the satisfaction of knowing that I'm doing something good for me!


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